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  1. According to the actual situation and the service quality of the supplier, the actual ground shall accept full price materials, diluted materials and base material mixtures as before premixing.
  2. When selecting different materials, you should select feed materials according to a certain proportion, such as the diet with lysine level, and the diet with lysine level you want to reach, and then select feed materials according to this proportion.
  3. Ensure that the nutritional status of feed is exactly what pigs need (not much, not much), unless additional departments improve feed conversion efficiency, daily weight gain, breeding ability or carcass ethics. Some women who give birth constantly supplement themselves with unnecessary and non subsidized food to improve their labor function, or supplement themselves with excessive micronutrients and vitamins.
  4. Adjust the diet according to the premise of labor. The level of nutrition cannot be more or less. Objective to control the fat free lean meat gain, feed intake and litter weight of 21 day old pigs, and adjust the diet formula according to these goals.
  5. 注意,不要过量喂养重达86公斤的猪。猪消费总额的三分之一饲料在这个阶段,但是饮食的营养浓度降低后的饮食需要配给根据预算,和饮食的营养水平逐渐降低,而不是猪的重量是推断,饮食是制定根据猪的重量。此时瘦体重的增加已经减少。
  5. Be careful not to overfeed pigs weighing up to 86 kg. One third of the total consumption of pig feed is at this stage, but the diet needs to be rationed according to the budget after the nutrition concentration of the diet is reduced, and the nutrition level of the diet is gradually reduced, instead of the weight of the pig, which is inferred that the diet is formulated according to the weight of the pig. At this point the weight gain has been reduced.
  6. 在单独饲养中,野猪的氨基酸需求量低于母猪,特别是在体重达到36公斤后。
  6. The demand of amino acid for wild boar is lower than that of sows in the separate feeding, especially after the body weight reaches 36 kg.
  7. 饲料阶段,从断奶到上市,多达7个阶段,喂养7种不同的饮食。
  7. Feed stage, from weaning to marketing, up to 7 stages, feeding 7 different diets.
  8. 仔细评估抗生素在发育期的经济效益。考虑一下添加抗生素的成本是多少,改善劳动功能的成本是多少,是否具有成本效益。
  8. Carefully evaluate the economic benefits of antibiotics in the development period. Consider how much it costs to add antibiotics, how much it costs to improve labor functions, and whether it's cost-effective.
  9. 食品破坏颗粒的均匀粒径应控制在650 ~ 750微米。颗粒直径每下降100微米,饲料转化效率提高1.2%。饲料转化效率提高1.2%。如果半年未检测饲料破损颗粒大小,建议将饲料样品送实验室分析。
  9. The uniform particle size of food damaging particles shall be controlled at 650-750 μ M. The feed conversion efficiency increased by 1.2% every 100 microns of particle diameter decreased. Feed conversion efficiency increased by 1.2%. If the particle size of the damaged feed is not detected for half a year, it is recommended to send the feed sample to the laboratory for analysis.
  10. 实时更新种猪群,接受瘦肉率较高的种猪和母猪。劳动脂肪比劳动瘦肉需要多四倍的能量。
  10. Real time update of breeding pig groups, and accept breeding pigs and sows with high lean meat rate. Working fat needs four times more energy than working lean meat.
  11. 改善猪的健康状况。如果营养被用来对抗疾病,它们就不能再被用来增重和奢侈。全进全出是保持健康猪群的好方法。
  11. Improve the health of pigs. If nutrition is used to fight disease, they can no longer be used for weight gain and luxury. All in, all out is a good way to keep healthy pigs.
  12. 应该为猪制定一套Antaeus操作规程,并对现有的Antaeus操作规程进行审查,同时与兽医和工作人员进行讨论。生盆功能低的猪只能消耗大量饲料,增加用药的资金,对这样的猪要实行安泰死,试刻潮。
  12. A set of Antaeus operating procedures should be developed for pigs, and the existing Antaeus operating procedures should be reviewed and discussed with veterinarians and staff. Pigs with low pot production function can only consume a large amount of feed and increase the funds for drug use. For such pigs, it is necessary to carry out peaceful death and try to carve tides.
  13. The pursuit of a variety of feed materials to meet the nutritional needs of pigs, including amino acids, minerals, vitamins and energy. This allows for a variety of options, such as using a base mixture instead of a diluent, or corn instead of wheat flour, oil, yellow rice or DDGS (corn processing distillates filtered with filtrate). You may need to replace some of the soybean meal with meat and bone meal or crystalline amino acids.

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